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March 2022

How is GSI fighting against the phenomenon of empty properties?

While GSI does everything to offer an exceptional service to property owners, these clients sometimes have to deal with the challenges of poor occupancy rates.

In this case, our team gets to work to solve the problem, trying to understand why a property is failing to attract renters and offering solutions. “We are there to educate property owners and work together to see why their apartment is unable to find enough renters, such as a need for renovation or modernisation.

When the interior design or the facilities are outdated, properties struggle to win over a clientele – especially as there are a lot of rental properties on the market.

Photos are also a major tool in sparking the interest of future renters

Photos are also a major tool in sparking the interest of future renters. Sometimes, a few choice changes are all it takes to turn things around, such as replacing old appliances or carrying out small-scale improvements. In this case, we offer the services of professional partners, source quotes, and sometimes even take care of purchasing furniture if the owner so wishes, providing a fully comprehensive solution.”


Ensure the promotion of “GSI” destinations

GSI participated in the DESTINATIONS MONTAGNES – GRAND SKI 2022 show
Specialist in holiday rentals in Tarentaise GSI had to be present in order to promote the destinations: VALMOREL, MERIBEL, MERIBEL MOTTARET, LA PLAGNE, LES COCHES and LES ARCS.

The objective is to promote the destinations to international buyers, and therefore to promote the apartments and chalets that are entrusted for rental to GSI.

At a time when the consequences of the COVID 19 health crisis are hitting our tourist destinations hard with the slowdown in world tourism, it is all the more important to prepare for the future and to prepare future commercial partnerships with new interlocutors.

French customers are not enough according to a survey by the Savoie Mont Blanc agency, while 83% of French people plan to go to the mountains, only 16% go there regularly.

It is therefore essential to open up new marketing channels. Some markets are very structured and difficult to penetrate outside BtoB
This is the case, for example, of the British market, which before the COVID-19 crisis was characterized by a rate of departure on vacation abroad higher than domestic vacations. The rate of intermediation to France was relatively low in the United Kingdom (about 17%), it remained high in niches and in particular skiing, and even more so in high-end skiing!

Restructure an echo-system
The failure of certain major majors such as Thomas Cook may have destabilized the echo system, so it is essential to secure our partnerships in order to be able to ensure healthy marketing to the almost 900 owners who trust us with the management of their property and the marketing of stays.

The Destination Montagne – Grand Ski 2022 show took place on March 1 and 2, 2022.