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Rental properties : we sat down with Séverine BURGAT

March 2022

By developing its holiday rental property offering thanks to its activity across new sites, GSI is launching a new operation in line with its time. We sat down with Séverine Burgat, director of the holiday rental properties department, to find out more.

We have seen an upgrade in the quality of your holiday rental offering. Is this a strategic decision from GSI?
Let’s just say that we are being faced with new possibilities and are indeed delighted to upgrade our services. This is partly due to a new tax mechanism in France, the “para-hotel mandate,” which offers ideal solutions for owners seeking seasonal renters.

For this to be achieved, some services must be included in the rental agreement, such as a reception service, provision of bed linens, and professional cleaning. This system has enabled GSI to take over the management of many properties within new residences, while the owner-renter also enjoys the flexibility of a property management agreement. This is how we started offering rental management at Le Ridge residence in Les Arcs in 2020. Next year, we will be featuring several apartments in the new Les Terrasses de la Vanoise residence in Champagny-en-Vanoise. These brand-new properties have contemporary, elegant interior design, are quality and high-end constructions, and have allowed us to reach a new clientele and to expand our rental offer.


Is GSI also expanding the geographical scope of its rental offering?
Yes. This upgrade has been accompanied by an expansion across the Tarentaise region in the mountain resorts and villages where we did not have a presence until now. This is particularly the case in Champagny-en-Vanoise, where GSI will be responsible for the management of many apartments in 2022. In Les Arcs 1800, we will also be featuring four luxury private chalets in the Chantel neighbourhood, and we are strengthening our presence in resorts such as Valmorel and La Plagne, where GSI has been a longstanding local player through its pioneering agencies. In Valmorel, we are expanding our range of properties in new real estate programs with brand-new private chalets. Meanwhile, in La Plagne, we are offering new, ideally located, apartments in the very centre, following a full renovation and sales campaign overseen by our company.


Our offers in ARC 1600 : Résidence LE RIDGE

Our offers in ARC 1800 : CHALETS MILLE 8

Our offers in CHAMPAGNY EN VANOISE : Résidence LES TERRASSES DE LA VANOIE (ouverture printemps 2022)



Has this upgrade and the regional development of your rental management activities led to changes in how you operate internally?
Our profession has changed a lot, and GSI has always proved itself to be highly adaptable and responsive. We are now appealing to a new clientele, and as a result our teams are trained internally – especially our sales department, which requires a profound understanding of all tax-related questions. We are also looking to work with partners such as travel agencies and tour operators, which involve a major B2B prospection effort. GSI is also improving its services by developing digital technology with the integration of innovative tools. Our new app makes the client experience more user-friendly before and during their stay, while facilitating each part of the process. This will help renters to save a lot of time and it will also assist our teams, who are trained in how to use the app efficiently. With the public health crisis, everything has accelerated and we have already gained several years in digital maturity. For those who are interested, our application allows a complete dematerialisation of the arrival and departure process, as well as a greater flexibility and independence with regard to arrival times. The client relationship is paramount for GSI, which is why our local agencies and teams are always on hand to welcome you in person!