Arc 1800, Paradiski

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With its 360° Panorama and facing the majesty of Mont-Blanc, Arc 1800 has all the charm of a remarkable mountain village. What is more, it is a ski area at the heart of Paradiski.

This huge ski paradise (an area linking 425 km of pistes) of an astonishing diversity enables you to explore a wide range of villages and different styles, to move from the snowpark to the glaciers, from the forest to powder fields. The meeting place for riders and holidaymakers in search of entertainment and great experiences.

The resort of les Arcs also spares a thought for those for whom skiing is not second nature! Snowshoe walks, hiking, entertainments of all sorts!

Vue_Les Arcs Arc 1800_Paradiski
les Arcs_le Chantel

The Chantel neighbourhood

On the heights of Arc 1800, a quiet neighbourhood a little way from the centre. Luxury apartment buildings at the foot of the pistes in an authentic and welcoming setting. A few minutes’ walk from the ESF and the shops.

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Arc 1800

The Villards neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of les Villards is right at the heart of the Arc 1800 plateau close to the shops and the pistes. Enjoying a good orientation and a magnificent view of Mont Blanc.

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Arc 1800, another aspect...

Shopping, dancing, cosy nights in... It’s all within your grasp!

Arc 1800_night
Deep nature Spa_Arc 1950

Deep Nature Spa

A spa of 1 000 m² laid out in a cave, like a mineral zone made of rock and wood which awakens the five senses. Pleasure pool, swimming pool, ice cave, hammam, shower run to be experienced... in Arc 1950.
Bowling_Arc 1800


Open every day for families and groups of friends! Video game area with billiards and a bar where you can enjoy whiling away the time.

Grotte de glac

Ice cave

The fantastic world of ice caves!
It takes 100 days work every year to create this work of art. 10 000 m3 of snow of a density greater than what you find on the pistes are needed to build the galleries. Ten sculptors come from all over Europe every year to spend a week showcasing their talents in the twists and turns of the cave for the enjoyment of the visitors.

GMX_Les Arcs_Paradiski

Gavaggio Monster Cross

Gavaggio Monster Cross or GMX for those in the know!  A skiercross competition which enables unqualified children not only to take part but to qualify for the French Junior Skicross Championships and the French Mini Skicross Championships. From 4 to 7 March, a competition which is above all about enjoyment!

After-skiing_Les Arcs


Arc 1800, THE in place if you want to drink in the les Arcs festive spirit. While exercising the muscles during the day is good for you, there is nothing like resting your head in the evening! You will find everything you need for an enjoyable evening: cinemas, restaurants, night clubs, not to mention events organised specially for you.


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